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  • 64258
New Navi Light S 2NM equipped with a special suction-mount holder.  Practical and... mehr
Produktinformationen "PLASTIMO NAVISAFE LIGHT 360° Tricolor"

New Navi Light S 2NM equipped with a special suction-mount holder. Practical and easy to install, the holder is also adapted to fix GoPro® cameras (Hero/2/3).

Thanks to 3M self-adhesive pads, the lamp can be easily & firmly fitted on any kind of surfaces : smooth, abrasive, flat and curved.
The Navi Light S 2NM is available in white or tricolor LEDs versions.
Supplied with a suction-mount holder, 2 self-adhesive landing pads and a neoprene carrying bag

IMO COLREG & US COAST Guard approved for 2 NM

Navi Light 360° Tricolor S 2NM 5 red LEDs, 5 green LEDs, 6 white LEDs


  • Waterproof to 20 m., 
  • Buoyant, (light facing up, without holder) 
  • Weight : 139 g (excluding batteries & holder).
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Power supply : AAA x 3 batteries, not included
  • Compact :  Height 95 mm; Ø68 mm.


 Navi Light Tricolor S 2NM : 64258

  • Tricolor (burn time : 12 hours)
  • Stern light, white LEDs (burn time : 32 hours)
  • Bi-color red and green lights (burn time : 20 hours)
  • Port light, red LEDs (burn time : 38 hours)
  • Starboard light, green LEDs (burn time : 38 hours)
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