Aurelian Harness

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Aurelian Harness Artikelnummer 15005.180049 von Magic Marine Description Designed in... mehr
Produktinformationen "Aurelian Harness"
Aurelian Harness Artikelnummer 15005.180049 von Magic Marine


Designed in collaboration with Martine Soffiatti Grael and Kahena Kunze, 2016 Olympic Gold Medalists and Magic Marine teamriders. This harness offers all round support in the most vital areas. A stiff foam panel in the back supports the two main muscles in your back, where a thinner panel at the spine allows for freedom of movement. The back panel is widened to give full support to the back with additional softer foam panels extending at each side of the back. There is NIA foam used in the hip panels to add further protection from impact whilst improving comfort at the hips. A wide spreader bar has been developed to spread the load around the body and improve posture. This can be adjusted with the 4-part adjustment system to ensure a good fit for every individual, where the adjustment allows the harness to be adjusted through the mid back and the butt parameters. All parts of the harness have been designed with the sailor in mind to promote longer durations on the wire, whilst limiting potential back and hip pain. Ideal for strong wind conditions.

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